A curly haired half Turkish (hence the exotic name)-half Aussie chick.

 I work from my home studio in Melbourne, Australia. I'm proud to say I'm solely self-taught with no tertiary art qualifications: just pure passion and 28 years of creating.

I make art to make you smile

My goal is to make art that deeply resonates with you and your individuality and also teaches you something fun at the same time!

Pursuing my childhood dream

Art has been my No.1 passion since I could hold a pencil. After high-school I followed the 'smart career path' and did a Food Science degree to get a good, stable job. And even though I got the job (and not just any job. I worked for a chocolate company. In the taste-testing department) I was miserable.

I remember being in the kitchen with mum with tears rolling down my face and saying to her "I can't do this anymore. I'm so bored it's stressing me out. It's not good for my health. I'm going to finish up."

That was the point I decided I was only ever going to be in jobs that I loved from then on

I packed my bags and backpacked solo through Europe for 7 months. I went on to become a Zumba instructor in Berlin then a Bollywood dancer back in Melbourne. These experiences taught me it's possible to do what you love and get paid for it too.

Now I'm back in Melbourne, I work full-time in retail while creating my dream art-based business miss yasemin on the side

Inspired by mum's garden and dad's cooking

My art is strongly influenced by my upbringing. Both my parents were teachers and they continually teach me about food, gardening and cooking. Mum's garden is full of fruit year-round (cherries, mandarines, pomegranates, quinces, lemons, limes, rhubarb) as well as olives, kale, lettuce and every herb you can think of.

Dad (I call him Baba) was taught how to cook by his older sisters and makes a mean hummus as well as Turkish beans, meatballs and rice. He taught me how to cook and appreciate food.

10 fun facts about me:

  1. I love swing dancing
  2. I'm left-handed
  3. I have a knack for remembering and singing guitar solos
  4. 90s music is my go to
  5. Amelie is my favourite movie
  6. I believe there's never enough costume parties
  7. I still know every Spice Girls lyric by heart
  8. If you dare me to dance, I'll do it. Even in the middle of a shopping centre
  9. I know all the lines in Ace Venture When Nature Calls
  10. Old couples holding hands makes me melt

So that's everything about me. I'd love to learn about YOU! The best way to chat and connect is to become a subscriber, all you have to do is enter your name and email below (don't worry it's free)