Autumn flavours A4 print

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Yas_Autumn_Watercolor paper removed with signature.jpg

Autumn flavours A4 print


Is Autumn your favourite season?

Love the smell of autumn flavours (chocolate, cinnamon, cardamon) wafting through the house?

Do you get sad seeing fallen autumn leaves reminding you that winter is on it's way?!

This painting is perfect for the kitchen, reminding you of the flavours and smells you love most.

I painted this one in Bright (Victoria, Australia) at the height of autumn. My boyfriend and I went away for the weekend and I was inspired by the beautiful colours we saw.

It was painted using watercolours and white pen for finer details.

  • Printed with archival inks so it won't fade
  • 100% cotton 285gsm paper
  • A4 size - 29.7cm x 21cm
  • Each print hand signed and numbered by miss yasemin
  • Printed in Melbourne, supporting a local business
  • Limited edition of 10

The print is sent beautifully wrapped and supported by thick card so it arrives to you safely.

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